Learn to change the Opencart installation folder

For example, if you have installed Opencart at https://www.opencartstore.com/store and if you would like to transfer it to another directory let's say https://www.opencartstore.com/store1 

For this, you would like to modify the following 2 files:




Now you need to find the following lines in these 2 files:


define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://opencartstore.com/newfolder');

define('HTTP_IMAGE', 'http://opencartstore.com/newfolder/image/');

define('HTTP_ADMIN', 'http://opencartstore.com/newfolder/admin/');


define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'http://opencartstore.com/newfolder/');

define('HTTPS_IMAGE', 'http://opencartstore.com/newfolder/image/');

// DIR

define('DIR_APPLICATION', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/catalog/');

define('DIR_SYSTEM', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/system/');

define('DIR_DATABASE', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/system/database/');

define('DIR_LANGUAGE', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/catalog/language/');

define('DIR_TEMPLATE', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/catalog/view/theme/');

define('DIR_CONFIG', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/system/config/');

define('DIR_IMAGE', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/image/');

define('DIR_CACHE', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/system/cache/');

define('DIR_DOWNLOAD', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/download/');

define('DIR_LOGS', '/home/username/public_html/newfolder/system/logs/');

Note: You have to replace opencartstore.com with your domain name.

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