How to send email from Opencart?

Please follow these steps to set up the email service for your Opencart website.

-Please log in to your Opencart website admin page to set up the SMTP settings.


Login to your site backend-->system-->settings-->mail
    Mail Protocol: We only support SMTP protocol, so please choose SMTP.
    Mail Parameters: Just ignore this, because this is only used for Mail protocol.  
    SMTP Host: The address of the SMTP host.
    SMTP Username: The full email address.
    SMTP Password
Your email account password
    SMTP Port: 25
    SMTP Timeout: use the default parameter.
    New Order Alter Mail: Select 'Yes' will send a notification email for every order submitted in the storefront.
    New Account Alert Mail: Select 'Yes' will send a notification email for every account created in the storefront.
    Additional Alert E-mails: List any additional e-mails that should also receive the notification emails above.


- Please log in to your site backend-->system-->General to set the correct store owner's email address.

- Locate to file \system\library\mail.php, line 274 and line 276 from the file manager or FTP,






Please note : If you are using Opencart (v2.1.0.1) that installed from APP Installer, you may need to replace lines 312 and 314 with below:

if ($this->verp) {
    fputs($handle, 'MAIL FROM: <' . $this->smtp_username . '>XVERP' . "\r\n");
} else {
    fputs($handle, 'MAIL FROM: <' . $this->smtp_username . '>' . "\r\n");

If you are using Opencart with a higher version, just make sure you select "SMTP" Mail Protocol.

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