How to edit wordpress menu?

How to edit the WordPress menu?


To edit the WordPress menu go to WordPress dashboard -> appearance > Menus.

Here you can create, edit and assign your Menus.


  1. Create a menu: Click on the blue link to “create a new menu” and give the new name to that menu.


  1. Add/remove menu items: On the left side of the screen click on the options to add pages, posts, categories, and tags that are already published by you or use the custom link options. To delete an item from your menu just click on the “remove” link on the item.


  1. Assign a menu location: After adding the links to your menu use the menu settings section at the bottom of the page to select your menu location.

        This location will depend on your WordPress theme and the locations (header, fooder, top bar) that the theme has defined.




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