Remote administration for IIS manger.

Remote Administration for IIS Manager



Remote management of IIS 7.0 and above through Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager must be explicitly enabled. This has changed from IIS 6.0 where IIS Manager remoting was through MMC and was always enabled. This document describes how to enable remote management of IIS on Windows Server® 2008 through IIS Manager.


First, you must be on Windows Server 2008. IIS on Windows Vista will not be remotely manageable when it released. You must also be logged in as the built-in Administrator account, or be a member of the Administrators group using elevated privileges.


These are the steps for enabling remote administration of your IIS server.


·         Install the Web Management Service (WMSVC).


·         Enable remote connections.


·         Optionally set other configuration, e.g.:


·         HTTPS binding (port, IP address, and/or SSL certificate)


·         IP and domain restrictions.


·         Start WMSVC, and optionally change the service Startup Type from Manual to Automatic.


Starting WMSVC is the last step because WMSVC cannot be configured while running.



This document only describes how to enable remoting. For an overview of how IIS Manager remoting works, please see the Getting Started with IIS Manager.


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