Information about CDN and How CDN works?

What is CDN hosting?


CDN (Content Delivery Network) Technology allows your website's content to be accessed from the closest geographical location of the request. This feature will ensure instant and fast accessibility.

The content is immediately delivered from the nearest POP to your site visitors. For Example, if your visitor is from India, the content from POP located in India or near by India will be delivered. If your visitor is from South America, the content will be delivered from the POP located in South America and nearest to your visitor.

How CDN Hosting Works?


CDN takes your data from the "Source URL" and places it on many different edge servers around the world so that high traffic content can be delivered to the end-user as quickly as possible.

The same static content is distributed to your site visitors using the "CDN URL". When a request for content is made using the "CDN URL", CDN evaluates the location of the request and routes it to the nearest edge location.

This will provide the lowest latency and best connection speed for the requester. The file is then transferred directly from the edge location's server to the user that requested it. As a result, you will get the fastest possible load times, a better visitor experience, and less load on your servers. As a result of these advantages, an added benefit is it can help improve your Google search rankings.



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