What is CDN bandwitdth? How can my bandwidth usage will get decreased if I use CDN hosting

What is CDN bandwidth?

By storing copies of content to the users, a CDN enables fewer data transfers from the origin server, reducing an organization's bandwidth consumption and costs because content delivery network servers store web content caches closer to your users, they can reduce latency and improve performance.


How can my bandwidth usage get decreased if I use CDN hosting?


Bandwidth usage will be as following (this is equally applicable for websites hosted on traditional servers and cloud servers):

If you enable the CDN feature for your website, then all the static content will be fetched from our nearest Edge server (Nearest POP server from the location website user).


As such, static content will consume CDN bandwidth (10 GB), and all other content will use bandwidth from the hosting plan you have purchased. Thus, your bandwidth usage will get significantly decreased.





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