How to Install XRDP and Audio Redirection on Ubuntu Server 18?

This is a guide on how to install XRDP with Audio Redirection on Ubuntu Server 18.
Log into Ubuntu 18 Server
> Please refer to to log into the Ubuntu server via SSH.
> Please refer to to log into the Ubuntu server from MAC.
Install MATE Desktop Environment
> To install the Mate-desktop environment, please issue the following commands in the terminal session
Install XRDP and Audio Redirection
chmod +x
./ -s
sudo reboot
Open port 3389 on the firewall
sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp
Test XRDP connection
> Please enter win+R on the keyboard and type "mstsc" to launch the Remote Desktop Connection application. Input your hostname or the server IP.
> Please input username "administrator" and the server password, then click "OK" to connect to the Ubuntu 18 server.
> Now you are successfully logged in.
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