Configure an email account in Outlook 2016

Please follow these steps to set up Outlook 2016 to retrieve and send emails from our mail servers (Please replace "" with your real domain name).

> Please open Outlook.

> Please click the "File" tab, then select "Account Settings…"  This will bring up the Account Settings Window.

> On the "Email" tab, please select "New…"  This will open up a wizard.

> Please enter your email account in the "Email address" field, expand "Advanced options" and check the option "Let me set up my account manually", then click "Connect".

> In the "Account Setup" window, please choose POP3 or IMAP account type to continue.

> Please enter the password and click "Connect".

> Please click "Yes" to trust the certificate if it pops up "Internet Security Warning" window.

> IMAP account settings, ex. (For POP3, the Incoming server Port number is 110)

> The account is successfully added.

If something went wrong during the account configuration, please click "Change Account Settings" to correct the error.

> If the email account does not work as expected after configuration, please go to the "Repair" tab and correct the error.



Please note: SMTP default port is 25, an alternative port is 8889


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