Configuring the email account on your iPhone

Please follow these steps to configure your email account on your iPhone.

- Please go to 'Settings > Mail' on the home screen



- Please go to Accounts

- Please go to the email account you wish to modify.

- Please tap to  'Account'

- Please fill in this information 

- Incoming mail server Hostname: ''

- Incoming mail server Username: Your full email address 

- Incoming mail server Password: Your email account password

- Scroll down to 'Outgoing Mail Server' and tap 'SMTP'.

- Please tap on the 'Primary Server'.

- Please make sure the 'Server' slider is 'On' and enter the AuthSMTP host name supplied during the activation process, typically ''.

- Please enter the SMTP username and password.

- Please set the 'Use SSL' slider off.

- Please set 'Authentication' to 'MD5 Challenge-Response'

- Please set the server port to '25' or '8889'

- Please tap 'Done' in the top right-hand corner

- Now you can see that your SMTP server has been updated.

- Please tab '< Account' to go back to account settings.


- Please tap 'Done'


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