What is VPS?

VPS is a virtual private server and virtual dedicated server as similar, VPS runs its own OS and has its own hardware configuration. VPS has higher popularity more than shared hosting because VPS does not have any restriction, you can run any software without a limit of 24X7.

How VPS Works?

VPS hosting uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers that are separated from each other. Using software called a hypervisor, the hosting company implements a virtual layer on top of the operating system to segment the virtual servers. The separation between virtual walls allows each user to install their own OS and software, creating a server that’s truly private, separated from others.

Benefits of VPS Hosting?

>> Reliable performance

>> own software

>> customization as per needs

>> Security

>> Multiple OS choice

Does VPS Hosting Fast & Reliable?

Yes, VPS hosting is fast and reliable — that’s a big reason companies prefer it to shared hosting. Since you’re allocated your own bandwidth, you get reliable performance more similar to a dedicated server.

KLCWEB VPS hosting, in particular, is known for delivering the fastest Windows, IIS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack performance.

How to secure Nop Commerce?

1.) security section.

Login to backend > configuration > settings > general settings > security.

You can see Admin are IP allowed, enter the IP address which you won’t allow access Admin side to configure the site, if you leave this empty it means anyone can access Nopcommerce backend. KLCWEB recommended that add single or two IP access to the backend.

Do not forgot to change Encryption private key, if you make any changes from admin side change  Encryption private key.


CAPTCHA is a program that can tell whether it is a human or a computer is trying to access your website. Nopcommerce uses Recaptcha by GOOGLE to secure your site against script attacks. Learn about recaptchaV2 and recaptchV3.

RecaptchaV3 covers whole site where Recaptcha covers only single page so always way RecaptchaV3, if you are using RecaptchV2 configure it on login page, sing up page, payment page, contact page.


Security is a must for E-commerce sites but sometimes it’s under DDOS attacks or hacked because some hosting providers have basic security on top of the server. So you need to choose a secure hosting server or buy VPS and set your own security. You think VPS is very costly and hard to manage do not worry. 

KLCWEB offers managed VPS with 24 X 7 live chat and helpdesk support or you should try our especially hosting plan for E-commerce comes with free SSL, Backup, hardware, and software security, Email, and Our experts available round the clock many more in E-commerce hosting.

How to secure an E-commerce website?

Do you have a live e-commerce website? and have many users/client. Let’s secure your E-commerce website.

1.) Set strong password.

First, you need to set a very strong password for your E-commerce website admin password as well as database password or you can create a new user and give full admin access then delete default admin user.

2.) Use SSL.

Once you done E-commerce website, install SSL and set HTTP to HTTPS redirection here. Make sure your all site script uses HTTPS redirection like JS, IMG, CSS..etc. SSL helps to secure your site data, it must important if you accept payment via your site.

3.) Select secure an E-commerce platform.

You must be choose secure E-commerce platform, Payment gateways, SSL certificates and solid authentication protocols for sellers and buys. Time of the purchase hosting you migth check your hosting provider gives the best security system like hardware firmware, secure SMTP, secure database connetivity.

4.) Never store sensitive data

Data has a good idea but it is very sensitive information so never store client’s sensitive data anywhere like, credit/debit card details, cyber attack focus on payment gateways and details, they are easy hack these data, if you do not have secure payment gateways or you store client’s payment details.

5.) monitor site

KLCWEB always recommended that do not use free tools or plugins to monitor your site, may they can access your site script and set bot script to broke your security and hack your site. Always use guine tools or plugins or make your own tools by hiring a good software developer.