Smartermail V/S Mailenable


SmarterMail offers all of the same features as Microsoft Exchange but at a FRACTION of the cost. Unlike Exchange, features like audio and video group chat, and Team Workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no extra charge.


MailEnable provides an end-to-end solution for providing secure email and collaboration services. A recent independent survey reports MailEnable as the most popular Windows Mail Server Platform in the world. Whether you are a hosting company providing email services to thousands of end-users or a small business with a single domain, MailEnable provides a solution that will impress your mail users.


Free(1 domain-10 mailbox)Free(unlimited domains-mailboxes)
Professional Edition $399.0 (250 mailbox)Professional Edition $349(unlimited mailbox)
Enterprise Edition $599.00(250 mailbox)Enterprise Edition $699(unlimited mailbox)

Which one is good?

Both are the best for small and web hosting server. Mailenable gives you unlimited domains with limitless mailboxes with less security, it’s good for startup brand. Where smartermail gives limited mailboxes with higher security.

KLCWEB provide both solution for you with free configuration.

How Convert .Net Framework to .Net Core?

Let’s convert .net console project to .net core.


Microsoft released a dedicated extension to visualize or check your application is able to migrate to the other .Net Frameworks. Click here

1.) Install .net core SDK by following command:

dotnet tool install -g try-convert

2.) try convert tool

-p, –project
-w, –workspace
–target-framework, -tfm

>> Open Existing .csproj from your application and command prompt as administrator.

>> Run the below command and it will create .csproj

try-convert -p HelloWorldDotNetFramework.csproj

Default backup is enable but there is no overriding option avialable.

Check before migrate project structure and after migrataion structure

How to Migration From Asp.Net Core 3.1 to 5.0?

The project should use the below stack:

  1. Vue JS front-end without any Razor Pages used in the project. The entire front-end is a Vue JS application
  2. Entity Framework Core (Code First approach) here
  3. Asp.Net Core Web API
  4. SQL Server Database

Visual Studio Update

First, you need to update your visual studio to core 5.0, Generally, update install .net SDK but you need to consider install core 5.0 SDK check here

Change framework version.

Time of the creating .net project you can able to select target .NET framework version.

All installed .net frameworks will appear on the drop-down menu non-.NET Framework templates, for example, .NET Core templates, the Framework drop-down list doesn’t appear.

Project file (.csproj)

Now update versions of .net frameworks to 5.0 which has core 3.1

Nuget package updates

Technically, the next step is to upgrade the rest of the packages used by the application to the newest possible version. In that context, I am using third party libraries for Vue JS Middleware and native libraries of .NET Core. But, it should be different in your scenario. So, it is really important to study it before starting migration.


WordPress is an open-source application so you may face security level issues but do not worry we have tested a solution on how to secure WordPress.

Keep updating your WordPress with a new version.

>> Most common hacks/injections happen due to outdated WordPress, Themes, or plugins. So you should always keep up to date with the latest version of WordPress.

>> Always install themes, plugins recommended by

Set strong Password

A strong password is necessary not just to protect your blog content. A hacker who achieves access to your administrator account is able to install malicious scripts that can certainly compromise your entire server.

You can avoid such things time of the set a password:

>> A word from a dictionary, in any language.
>> Any numeric-only or alphabetic-only password (a mixture of both is best).

Disable File Editing

You can disable File editing from your WordPress and set admin only and put the below code inside the wp-config.php file to secure WordPress files/folders

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

Remove admin user

> > You can delete the default Admin username and create a new admin username or rename the existing username with an active email address.

Change table prefix name

You need to change the table prefix name by place the below line in Wp-config.php and change database prefix table name

$table_prefix  = ‘wp_myprefix_’;


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How you can choose the right web hosting?

Web hosting is the biggest reason of your business’s success or failure. KLCWEB always recommended choosing the perfect web hosting for your site/business.

Here are some ideas to choose the best hosting.

1.) Buy a domain name and hosting plan from one place.

Most popular hosting providers offer both domain names and hosting plans. KLCWEB recommended that you will purchase both products at one place so you can manage both products very easily, you may receive a good discount. money is a very important concern time of the selecting web hosting provider.

2.) Check support service.

24 X 7 Live chat and helpdesk support is a must for website hosting, Generally, The web hosting provider offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee but after publishing the site on a live server. You may face such issues, or before purchasing a web hosting there are many question/query to ask them that’s why KLCWEB recommended that choose who’s offer 24X7 live chat or helpdesk support. However, KLCWEB offers 24X7 support.

3.)Choose right plan.

The biggest confusion is which plan is great for your site. Do not worry KLCWEB has the best plan for all websites. Usually, web hosting providers have multiples plan that’s great but sometimes it’s making a bit confusion. There is no major difference between the shared hosting, semi-dedicated, and VPS, the prices are almost the same as the year billing cycle. That’s why we are getting confused.

Shared hosting:

>> If your site does not require to run EXE or CMD script 24X7 and not have much traffic, you can select shared hosting is fully managed by the hosting company end so you can relax to manage server-side configurations. –KLCWEB As Shared hosting easy to manage and the cost is within budget.


>> If your site does not require to run EXE or CMD script 24X7 and have more traffic, and you do not want to manage the server from your end, KLCWEB recommended a semi-dedicated powerful shared hosting plan. Semi-dedicated is not fully shared not 100% VPS. Semi-dedicated has powerful hardware components to provide fast and reliable website performance.


>> Some e-commerce websites have EXE or CMD script and it’s running 24X7, you can consider the VPS plan, VPS has root access over a server but you think it little hard because VPS is not managed by a hosting company. As of now many VPS hosting companies offer fully managed VPS but it has a little cost for it.

4.) Email service

An email service is mandatory because site has to send email via SMTP or site owner needs webmail access to send/receive email. Ensure that hosting company offers free unlimited email service with full access on ad/remove emails/domains/ manage email quota, an email is weapon for branding.